First-time patients

Reception hours

Mon-Fri 8:30-11:00( medical treatment hours 9:00-)

What to bring

Health insurance card, referral by a doctor

Revisiting Patients

Reception hours

Mon-Fri by appointment time

What to bring

Health insurance card, Patient ID card

※At Koseikan, we provide emergency outpatient care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. on national holidays, weekends or late at night, please register at the after-hours reception desk on the first floor. The on-duty doctor will provide an examination and arrange for a specialist if necessary.

“We strive to provide the best medical care and put our hearts into helping those that are sick, their families and all residents of Saga Prefecture.”

-core principle-

Koseikan is a hospital that aims to improve the quality of life and provide healthcare to all. Koseikan utilizes the latest medicines and medical care - not only do we study new medicines and learn new medical care techniques by ourselves, but, our main priority, is also to educate and improve all staff showing potential. In other words, we protect three main pillars of our foundation: the clinical, the research, and the educational. Our mission going forward is to continue studying humbly every day.

Our Basic Policies
  • Patient-centered medical care.
  • Dependable, advanced medical care of a high quality.
  • Ensuring emergency medical care and cooperating with local medical institutions.
  • Emphasis on medical education and professional training.
  • Improvement of operational efficiency.

CEOAkira Nakagawara

After Koseikan was founded in 1834, and given its name, by the Feudal Lord of the Saga Domain, Naomasa Nabeshima, it soon took the initiative of introducing western medical science into modern Japan. Koseikan has maintained the health and welfare of the people of Saga Prefecture ever since. In April 2010, Koseikan became an incorporated administrative agency, entering a new era.
Recently, however, with the progression of an aging population and declining birth rates, health and nursing care reform is needed urgently. To overcome these difficulties, we hope to improve our medical cooperation with you all, in creating a better Community Support System, developing and striving for “medical value”, to provide healthcare and improve the quality of life for all.

PresidentKenji Kodama

The Koseikan has been in operation for over 180 years with a mission to provide the residents of Saga with the best medical care. Our aim is to provide more advanced and safe medical care through the strengthening of medical safety as well as infection control and prevention which had also been promoted by our previous president, Dr.Hitoshi Ohteki. We also adopt the most up to date medical care.
Our mission is to also establish the education for medical practitioners where they can acquire motivation to make improvements on a daily basis. We would like to pursue the development of human resources which are not only passionate in advancing their careers or acquiring licenses but also are ideal medical practitioners, required by the residents of our prefecture. We also aim to create an environment where Koseikan employees can work with pride and a sense of fulfillment. Although I still have much to learn, I am determined to facilitate the development of the Koseikan and local medical care.
Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement in our endeavors.

Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan is one of the few hospitals in Japan which has a history and tradition of more than 180 years.

In 1834, Koseikan was established by the Feudal Lord of the Saga Domain, Naomasa Nabeshima, as a medical school called an ‘Igakukan’・ ‘Igakuryo’. Its name in Kanji was written by Naomasa Nabeshima and displayed in the Igakuryo. Koseikan played a leading role in Japanese medical science, especially introducing the smallpox vaccine and issuing doctor diplomas. In 1896, Koseikan became the prefectural hospital for Saga. In 2010, Koseikan became a local incorporated administrative agency. Then, in 2013, Koseikan moved to its new hospital building in Kase Town and was given the name Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan.

※1 Picture of Koseikan Calligraphy

This image is a framed piece of calligraphy, written by Naomasa Nabeshima, featuring the characters for Koseikan. The origin of Koseikan’s name is taken from a passage of Shang Shu, which states the importance of spreading the virtue that life has immense value and should be revered. By adhering to this belief, all people in need of medical assistance have been provided with the latest medical care, from the past to the present day.

※2 The "Syutonozu" Painting

Naomasa Nabeshima was anxious over a smallpox outbreak in the Saga domain and ordered a vaccine from the Netherlands through Soken Narabayashi, who was a Saga domain doctor living in Nagasaki at the time.
This image depicts Junichiro, son of Naomasa Nabeshima, receiving a vaccination for smallpox at Saga Castle in 1849. The court physician, Ryoei Oishi can be seen administering the smallpox vaccination to Naomasa's son. Naomasa can be seen standing in the background. After this, the vaccine was given to Edo and Osaka after originating in the Saga domain territories. Eventually, the smallpox vaccination inoculations spread across the entire country.

Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan is a main Advanced Acute Care Hospital and has an abundance of human resources and innovative medical strategies, providing advanced, high-quality medical care for patients and their families in a kind and respectful environment.

  • In addition to our clinical departments, we have established clinical centers. These centers allow specialists from different departments to give patients team medical care.

  • We use medical cars and helicopters in case of emergencies, providing urgent, life-saving care.

  • We provide reliable medical treatment, using the latest, technologically advanced medical equipment and facilities.

  • We have established a medical system to implement in case of disaster. Even in times of severe disaster we can initiate measures to ensure the hospital remains functioning and would be capable of treating many patients.

  • We have set up a spacious garden overlooked by a stained-glass windows, a library and a restaurant to let our patients spend their time comfortably. Besides which, we have satellite kitchens on every floor, giving all patients access to hot meals.

Clinical Departments

General Internal Medicine / Hematology / Nephrology / Diabetes and Endocrinology / Medical Oncology / Gastroenterology / Gastrointestinal Surgery / Hepatobiliary pancreatology / Hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery / Neurology / Cerebrovascular Medicine / Neuro Surgery / Respiratory Medicine / Thoracic Surgery / Cardiology / Cardiovascular Surgery / Pediatrics / Pediatric Surgery / Palliative Care Medicine / Psychiatry / Dermatology / Breast Surgery / Orthopedics / Spine Surgery / Urology / Obstetrics and Gynecology / Otolaryngology / Ophthalmology / Plastic Surgery / Radiology / Rehabilitation / Dentistry and Oral Surgery / Emergency / Anesthesiology / Pathology

Clinical Centers

Emergency Center / Trauma Center / Stroke Center / Heart Center / Cancer Center / Pediatric Cancer Support Center / Perinatal Center / Breast Center

【address】400, Nakabaru, Kase, Saga, 840-8571, Japan
【Fax】  +81-952-29-9390

From Fukuoka Airport to JR Saga Sta.

・To get to Koseikan from Saga Sta.(or Nabeshima Sta.), you will need to take a taxi or ※local bus .
(20min from Saga Sta, 10min from Nabeshima Sta.)

by JR train

6min from Fukuoka Airport to JR Hakata Sta.(Subway Kuko Line) → 40min from JR Hakata Sta. to JR Saga Sta.(JR Nagasaki Express Line )

by Highway Bus

1h15min from Fukuoka Airport to Saga Sta. Bus Stop.(Nishitestsu bus)

by car

10km from the Yamato I.C. on the Nagasaki Highway.

From Saga Airport to Koseikan

by taxi or car

around 30 min

※Local Bus Route

Saga City Bus

·Kaseshinmachi/Kubota line ·Tokuman/Kubota line ·Nabeshima/Iryo center line ·Nanbu/Iryo center line

Showa Bus

·Saga line(SagaーKashima) ·Takeo line (Saga-Takeo) 

Yutoku Bus

·Karatsu Saga line ·Saga Taku line